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Check out Western North Carolina's top big band, the Asheville Jazz Orchestra.



Special thanks to Frank Zipperer for his  breathtaking artistic talents. He is the photographer responsible for the gorgeous, live music photography and professional videos seen on this site. To see more of his work you may visit his website at:

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Also, a big thanks to Scott Treadway for providing me, and countless others from NC to the Broadway stage, with beautiful headshots. He is my go-to for headshots and he was also the photographer for my first CD cover. You can see his website here:




If you're looking for a first rate recording venue in Western, NC, you must check out Sound Temple Recording Studios. Robert George is top, he has the cutest mascot ever.

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(Wendy) "possesses a rich voice and that ineffable quality that allows certain performers to glow from within. She dazzled every time she was onstage." - Nancy Stetson, Naples Daily News - Naples, Florida


"Wendy is always pushing herself to expand her repertoire into more difficult material.  She's not afraid of a challenging piece of music and her pitch and vocal control are so precise, she's able to tackle difficult material and nail it." Bassist Zack Page - Rapid River Arts and Culture Magazine


“The singer’s distinctive and sometimes-haunting voice proves to be very effective no matter what the mood of the piece. She gives sensitivity to each selection that she interprets and displays a complete understanding of the lyrics while swinging at every tempo.”

- Scott Yanow, Jazz Journalist and Music Critic (Los Angeles, CA) 


Mar 9, 2019
Temple of Israel
Greenville SC
Apr 17, 2019
Southern Appalachian Brewery
Hendersonville NC


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